From Venezuela to the world: Let’s talk about Royal and his new song “Baby G” – El Diario NY

From Venezuela to the world: Let’s talk about Royal and his new song “Baby G” – El Diario NY


April 26, Royala young singer of Venezuelan origin, presented his most recent musical hit titled “Baby G.” At 23 years old, Royal presents a song with a marked Brazilian funk style and “melodic drill” – a subgenre of trap – with which he launches phrases in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Within the industry he stands out for creating music in varied genres such as R&B, Soul and Urban Tropical.

But what is “Baby G” about, and what does the “G” refer to? “Gangster” is the word that is abbreviated in this song that comes out as a tribute to women. For all those strong women who remain firm and faithful. For all those who fulfill the old promise of “through thick and thin.” For the warrior woman who, even with fear, faces the world, burying her fears for the love of her. “Baby G” is for the brave woman.

The reception of the public

The fans who have heard this song are really pleased, many of those who have come to him as new followers applaud the song: “I don’t know this guy, but the day I meet him I will tell him that he is a beast.”

In Miami the song came on very strongly: “I saw this song on a billboard in Miami and it is hot (I had already heard “Bailame Que Then Te Vas” before), how hard.” But there are also many Royal followers who ask him not to have so much distance between his new songs, because they want to continue listening to his songs more often: “Don’t leave me without songs for so long, your songs are my medicines.”

It is worth noting that in this industry Royal has aspirations for future collaborations, which are born from the musicians that he himself admires, among which the names of: Drake, Tory Lanez and Don Toliver stand out.

It is worth noting that this Brazilian funk will be very popular this season since Anitta also comes with a new record material with this musical trend, this was also stated by the carioca during our recent conversation in Las Vegas, for the Latin American Music Awards last Thursday April 26, the day Royal presented this hit “Baby G.”

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