What are the countries from which the migrants who receive the most US citizenship come?

What are the countries from which the migrants who receive the most US citizenship come?

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Every year, thousands of immigrants from different countries apply for citizenship in state Joined hoping to obtain greater rights and benefits in the country by leaving their permanent resident status and receiving their naturalization certificate. Recently, the final report on the results of applications during the fiscal year 2022 period was released, which showed that the highest percentage of naturalized people comes from the following 10 cities.

In state Joined foreigners can become American citizens after having approved the naturalization process. Although the process is not very difficult to carry out, not everyone can apply, since to do so it is necessary to meet all the requirements that the immigration department requests, these are: being 18 years old at the time of the application, having skills to communicate in the native language (speaking, writing and reading in English), being a person of good moral character and others that will depend on the eligibility category.

Statistics from the Annual Naturalization Report of state Joined of 2022 reveals that the total number of people who applied for citizenship (2,022,969,380 immigrants), of which a large percentage belonged to Mexico, the second country with the most naturalized immigrants was India followed by the Philippines, the rest of the countries with their respective numbers you we share below.

  • Mexico: 128,878 naturalized immigrants
  • India: 65,960 naturalized immigrants
  • Philippines: 53,413 naturalized immigrants
  • Cuba: 46,913 naturalized immigrants
  • Dominican Republic: 34,525 naturalized immigrants
  • Vietnam: 33,246 naturalized immigrants
  • China: 27,038 naturalized immigrants
  • Jamaica: 22,963 naturalized immigrants
  • El Salvador: 21,543 naturalized immigrants
  • Colombia: 18,089 naturalized immigrants

States from which people who acquire citizenship come

On the other hand, the numbers also show that, of the total, 181,995 immigrants now citizens maintain their fixed residence in California, while 106,123 people live in California, and the rest are divided into states such as Florida, New York, New Jersey and others. .

  • California: 181,995
  • Texas: 106,123
  • Florida: 105,528
  • New York: 104,052
  • New Jersey: 54,952
  • Illinois: 32,519
  • Washington: 31,041
  • Georgia: 28,440
  • Virginia: 27,324
  • Massachusetts: 27,008

With this, we can see the relationship between the fact that the largest number of naturalized people are from Spanish-speaking countries and that in California and Texas a large part of their population speaks Spanish and not only that, but there are also many places specialized in Mexican food.

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