Get to know the house that Wendy Guevara bought in Guanajuato – El Diario NY

Get to know the house that Wendy Guevara bought in Guanajuato – El Diario NY

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The Mexican influencer Wendy Guevara has had a successful career after winning ‘La Casa de los Famosos’. The prize was used to pay off the mortgage on his house and start a deep renovationand now has invested in another property.

Through YouTube, Guevara reported that he had invested in a house in León, Guanajuatoand explained that he wanted to convert the place into four independent apartments. At the moment, the influencer sees the new property as an investment.

What is also clear is that He will give one of the apartments to his sister Erikabecause he wants to help her get out of the extremely dangerous area in which she lives. Guevara explained that there are usually shootings.

Shortly after Guevara broke the news, Evelyn ‘La mamita Hernández’, one of her content colleagues, shared a video showing in detail the new property that has not yet been renovated.

Evelyn is very happy about her friend’s new purchaseplus it makes her feel proud to have been part of the process to make it come true.

“Yes, it’s nice, sisters, because I was the one who got Wendy this house,” she said.

During the video too It can be noted that the reform process has already begunso the place looks quite messy and it is difficult to imagine what the final result will be like.

It could be seen that the property It is located on a residential street that does not look very luxurious.; However, it will represent a significant change in the quality of life for her sister Erika. In her own video, Guevara said: “She is my sister and if she is doing well for me, then I can also help my family. If I sometimes help my friends, why not help my family?”

For now we have to wait to see how the renovation project progresses and Guevara will surely share a tour when the place is completely ready.

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