Get to know the house where Johnny Ventura lived in the Dominican Republic – El Diario NY

Get to know the house where Johnny Ventura lived in the Dominican Republic – El Diario NY


The multifaceted Rene Castillo visited several weeks ago the house in Cuesta Brava, Dominican Republic, where the musician Johnny Ventura lived for several years. The tour of the property was published on the Clic Inmobiliaria YouTube channel.

It must be remembered that Ventura, merengue singer known as ‘El Caballo Mayor, died in July 2021so now his residence in the Dominican Republic is run by his family, especially his son Jandy Ventura.

Castillo toured the large property with Jandy, who has tried to keep the place in the best condition and with the original details, which is why you could say that the house is a kind of museum of the singer.

Perfectly named ‘The House of Merengue’where some corners remain intact since the day they left. Guided by Jandy Ventura we managed to enter this mansion located in Cuesta Brava de Arroyo Hondo,” Castillo wrote in the video description.

The residence is undoubtedly impressive, mainly because of its circular structure built on a lot that is actually a roundabout in the area. Upon entering the house, from the main door, you have a view of the large hall with an impressive double staircase and a large chandelier in the center.

Between the two wings of the central staircase there is a black grand piano. Doña Fifa, widow of the musician, also joined the tour.. When she met with Castillo, the woman expressed concern about the large size of the house, explaining that the house is so large that maintaining it on a daily basis is complicated.

The main house spans over 21,000 square feet. and is distributed in several bedrooms, full bathrooms, guest bathrooms, different rooms, main living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and more.

The master bedroom remains the same as Ventura left it on the day of his death.his widow has made the decision not to move anything.

In addition to the main house there is another structure where Jandy started building a recording studio and rehearsal room shortly after his father’s death.

Outside there are green areas with a terrace, swimming pool, spa area, dining room and other spaces ideal for enjoying the outdoors.

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