Gloria Estefan knows that no one believes her, but she insists that she saw Santa Claus as a child

Gloria Estefan knows that no one believes her, but she insists that she saw Santa Claus as a child

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Gloria Estefan still doesn’t understand something she experienced as a child. On the occasion of the release of “Estefan Family Christmas”, her Christmas album together with her daughter Emily and her grandson Sasha, available from today, mother and daughter share their most treasured Christmas memories from their childhood.

I tell everyone, I don’t think they believe me, but I saw Santa Claus. I came from Cuba, I was 2 and a half years old, and my mom had found a small apartment. My father was a prisoner in Cuba, a political prisoner for the Bay of Pigs, and we didn’t have a penny, a penny cut in half. My mother always sat outside to talk to the other ladies, who all had their husbands imprisoned in Cuba, political prisoners.”

Gloria continues her story: “And on Christmas Day I remember that you had to go to bed early, because otherwise Santa Claus wouldn’t come. I got up at midnight because I heard my mom talking to the ladies outside and when I passed through this tiny room I saw Santa Claus putting a little chair on me, a little table with some crayons, and I got so scared that I ran to the room and lay down on the bed.”

“The next day I woke up and there were all the presents that I saw Santa putting there, what can I say! I never forget that. My mom says that I was dreaming, but how did I dream about the presents that were there the next day? I dont know”.

For her daughter Emily, who grew up with two famous parents, the most precious things have never been Christmas presents. “It doesn’t matter the fame, the records, the Grammys. The pride that I have for this family is that we are a family; So for me, what I remember most about my Christmas is always having people around that I want to see. Oh! I know that I am going to see my cousin, my mommy, my daddy, no matter the gifts, the food, I do thank him. Yes, I give thanks for you.”

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