Goodbye to Puebla’s streak: Los Camoteros are the first eliminated from Clausura 2024 in the Liga MX – La Opinion

Goodbye to Puebla’s streak: Los Camoteros are the first eliminated from Clausura 2024 in the Liga MX – La Opinion

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He Puebla was eliminated from Clausura 2024 too early in the tournament and, with four rounds left to play, they will no longer be able to fight for the title.

In this way the camoteros They ended their streak of six consecutive Liga MX tournaments qualifying at least for the playoffs, which is a painful blow for the board and the fans.

Currently the Puebla occupies the last overall position, with only 5 points out of 29 disputed, Therefore, even by winning the 12 remaining to be played, it would not reach tenth place, the last one that grants a place for reclassification, since it would reach 17 units and they would not be enough, since the Chivas, who occupy that step, currently have 19, surpassing them by 2.

Before this tournament, Puebla qualified for “The big party of Mexican football” uninterruptedly since Clausura 2020, although it was only an entertainer of the Liguilla, since it was never able to get past the quarterfinals.

The Puebla debacle began with the departure of Nicolás Larcamón of the technical direction in the Apertura 2022; Since then the team generated fewer and fewer points and its football stopped convincing its fans.

Neither with Eduardo Arce, nor with Aristeguieta or Andrés Carevic did they manage to shine again in Mexican soccer and today they become the first team to be out of the tournament.

The Xolos del Piojo could be the next to be eliminated

The Xolos of Tijuana, led by Piojo Herrera, could follow the same steps of Puebla next week, if they do not win their match on matchday 14 against Necaxa, they would remain at 8 points and the remaining 9 points in the championship would not even be enough for reclassification, so they would be the second team eliminated.

The same case is that of FC Juarezsince they need to add three points to avoid remaining at 9 and being left out with a defeat.

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