Green Card or American Citizenship?  This is the status that best suits Latinos

Green Card or American Citizenship? This is the status that best suits Latinos


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Leaving the borders that saw us born many times is not part of a choice, but rather a need to which people are forced by different circumstances, but believe it or not, going to the USA It can be one of the best options, since the latinos They have different options statusbecause there are those who only stay with the Green Card or they go for the citizenship But which one is best for you?

According to the latest statisticsfor October of last year 2023 it was announced that a 19% of the population of this territory is latin originwhich are established throughout the entire country, which is equivalent to almost 63.7 million of its population, so without a doubt, these people already represent a fundamental part of the economy of this nation, and many times they fight to have a status of belonging in this nation.

And on one side of the coin, people who are originally from some Latin American country access the status of Green Card or also known as the permanent residence and many others are already going directly American citizenship either naturalization and below we will tell you what the difference is between them and also the one that best suits you. some people.

Green Card or American Citizenship for Latinos?

On one side of the coin we have what is the Green Card, which specifically serves the people who have it to be able to live and work permanently in USA, while citizenship is about the status of a natural person as a member US legalbut many wonder what is the difference between them or which is the one that could best suit those interested.

Be careful, it is important to mention that these two chances They are part of an important process, since to obtain the American citizenshipthe applicant is first required to have a Green Card since five years prior to the request, but believe it or not, both offer great benefits, but many experts assure that the best of all is the naturalization of the United Statesand these are the reasons.

  • Opportunity to acquire the us passport, which allows visa-free entry to other countries.
  • Permanence abroad to stay in another country for as long as they require, since with the Green Card They may do so only for a maximum period of one year.
  • He American citizen, You cannot be deported even after committing certain crimes.
  • The right to vote in state elections, federal and local elections and run for office in a public election.


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