Grupo Firme, up to 9 thousand pesos for a ticket to their concert

Grupo Firme, up to 9 thousand pesos for a ticket to their concert


Grupo Firme, up to 9 thousand pesos for a ticket to their concert (Instagram)

Grupo Firme, up to 9 thousand pesos for a ticket for their concert | Instagram

Up to nine thousand pesos costs a ticket to see Grupo Firme at the Caliente Stadium in Tijuana and even those prices did not make the purchase page of tickets collapsed when 130 thousand people tried to buy a ticket for that date, a few days ago, so the date was rescheduled to be able to acquire them.

Although the famous Firm Groupis the regional Mexican group of the moment, which has great hits that all their fans want to go and sing live like: “get over me”, “Love was not for me” or “In your p3rra life”, the critics due to the high costs they have begun to emerge on social networks.

The concert will be next November 5 at the Caliente Stadium in Tijuana and the prices for the purchase of a ticket range from 900 pesos, the cheapest, going through 2000 pesos, the 4 thousand 500, 7 thousand 500 pesos up to 9 thousand pesos, the most expensive and in the best area.

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In social networks, the image of the Stadium map circulates, in which, divided into colors, the prices have been assigned for each area, in which it is clear that the cheapest ticket of 900 pesos corresponds to the stalls and general area, which , obviously, are the furthest from the stage.

In Phoenix they will be on December 17, the VIPS are almost 3,000 dollars”; “A very high price for the dump of music they bring”; “I asked my husband for money to go and he told me; “Which part do you not understand when I tell you no… The N or the O, ha, ha, ha”; “Those of us who listen to Grupo Firme earn 1,200 a week”; “No ma*s, not even that it was Valentín Elizalde, recently resurrected”, are some of the opinions of the public.

In this way, many users of social networks have taken the prices to attend the Grupo Firme concert in Tijuana, although it should be noted that this border city is precisely the place that saw them grow as artists and where their musical project was formed.

Although the tickets are already on sale, the day it was announced that they could already be purchased, the demand was so high that when thousands of people were trying to buy a ticket, despite the costs, the page collapsed, so Eduin Caz , had to go out to make an announcement.

Family from Tijuana, Baja California and its surroundings, I am your friend Eduin Caz, vocalist of Grupo Firme, I have news for you, unfortunately we suffered a drop in the ticket office, we cannot sell any tickets because we have more than 130 thousand people wanting to buy a ticket , it’s a good thing, but it’s a bad thing, because nobody can buy, we are solving the problem, stay tuned, I’m going to warn you, “said the singer.

Now that everything has been resolved and the date of the concert is still standing, now it is the same fans who have been shocked and surprised with the costs of the event of Firm Groupthen, they would not have expected that they would be so high. Either way, other fans don’t skimp on prices and will be there singing along to their tunes.


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