Have a drink with the President: AMLiters of pulquería cause a sensation on social media

Have a drink with the President: AMLiters of pulquería cause a sensation on social media

A pulquería in the state of Puebla is causing a sensation with containers with the image of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in which they offer everything from pulque to beer.

The Calavera Coyote pulquería offers the “AMLitros” in the historic center of Puebla, which have gone viral on social networks, and will be available throughout April and May on the occasion of Children’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Additionally, for customers who have fallen in love with the packaging, the pulquería offers them for sale for less than 100 pesos.

Daniel Díaz, Marketing Director of Calavera Coyote, explained to EFE that the idea arose to have fun celebrations, but above all so that people preserve a reusable souvenir and take it everywhere.

“We wanted to include different types of packaging, but the ‘AMLitro’ is the one that people liked the most, the truth is that we did it because it seemed cute to us, you can see it. He made us laugh, honestly, and people liked him a lot, he is a figure who looks nice and reminds us of the president, Andrés Manuel,” Díaz explained.

The glass is a caricature of López Obrador with small eyes, a distinctive nose, tiny ears and a smiling face that refers to the president’s teeth.

In addition, they placed a green, white and red print that simulates the presidential sash.

Customer Alexa Martínez declared herself ‘chaira’, as she said that she bought the container because she “loves” the president very much.

For this reason he said he will display it everywhere such as the office, the gym, school and if he can return to the business to refill it he would do it again.

“First of all, I love (the glass). What made me order it? “I love AMLO very much, but I really like pulque and it is a great combination, it was incredible to me and I am very happy with my ‘AMLitro’,” he expressed.

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