“His neurons are running out”: Canelo Álvarez receives criticism from David Faitelson – La Opinion

“His neurons are running out”: Canelo Álvarez receives criticism from David Faitelson – La Opinion

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Saúl Álvarez is at the center of criticism before his fight against Jaime Munguía. Canelo will face the fighter from Tijuana on May 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, many were left with the desire that David Benavídez was the rival. David Faitelson attacked Canelo for his way of avoiding the “Red Flag”.

It is an expected question every time Saúl Álvarez offers statements, Why not fight David Benavídez? El Canelo considers that the “Red Flag” has nothing to offer him.

The only way for the man from Guadalajara to get into the ring with Benavídez is if a promoter offers you exorbitant amounts of money. David Faitelson believes that his requests are not coherent.

To me it seems, with all due respect, crazy; a real madness, Canelo is already going crazy… now, so many blows it has received, the neurons are already exhausting“said the analyst for TUDN.

David Faitelson considers that the fact that Canelo asks up to $200 million dollars to get into the ring with Benavídez, is a strategy to continue avoiding combat. The controversial analyst believes that Saúl Álvarez does not want to put his career at risk in the face of a possible fast-track defeat.

“Who do you feel like? Muhammad Ali? Sugar Ray Leonard? Who do you feel like, Canelo? Floyd Mayweather? For God’s sake, no one is going to give him $200 million dollars to face David Benavidezlet him put his feet on the Earth or, flat out, Canelo, tell us ‘I don’t want to fight Benavidez, I don’t want to take that risk at this point in my career’(…). Please don’t go crazy and don’t make us look stupid,” she added.

What did David Benavidez say?

Canelo Álvarez already had an answer to his “dream” of being able to receive up to $200 million dollars for a fight against David Benavídez. The “Red Flag” reacted negatively to the Guadalajara’s ambitious desire and he responded with a mocking tone.

“Canelo, if I have nothing to offer you, why are you asking for $150-$200 million dollars to fight someone who is worthless? Hopefully after you earn that money you will have enough left over to buy a couple of eggs.“David Benavídez wrote on social networks.

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