This was the day Prince William found out about Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis

This was the day Prince William found out about Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis


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Being one of the members of the Royal family dearest, the world was shocked after the news that Kate Middleton is located in the middle of chemotherapy treatment after being diagnosed with cancer, and although he did not reveal where the disease resides, millions of fans have shown solidarity and hope for the speedy recovery of the Wale’s princessand until now the day is revealed that the prince william He would have found out about his wife’s illness.

It took almost three months for the true reasons for the surprising ‘disappearance’ of the 42-year-old future queen consort to be revealed, since the process of assimilation, the beginning of treatment and the power she shares with the princes George, Charlotte and Louis the health news from his mother was quite difficult for the princes of walesbut now Kate Middleton herself shared with the world what she is experiencing.

And through the official channels of the Royal family, the same daughter-in-law of King Charles III and Lady Di He faced the rumors and assured how it has been the subject of his disease: “My medical team recommended that I undergo preventive chemotherapy treatment and I am now in the early stages of that treatment.”and the news has left a real shock throughout the world.

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The former Duchess of Cambridge assured that one of his great supports in these difficult times has been his husband William, Well, in recent months there has been a lot of talk about marital problems among them for the infidelity of the heir to the throne with Rose Hasnbury, but it is only now that the day and the way in which he found out that his wife was sick Of cancer; this was what happened.

Is Prince William devastated by Kate Middleton’s illness?

Until now the same Wale’s princess is the one who has decided to speak openly about what his illness is. It is when all the events that have happened since January have begun to make sense, because let us remember that Prince William had to be absent from the memorial service for his godfather, the King Constantine of Greece on January 27, and there was much speculation that he could also be sick or it was even said that he was next to his lover while his wife was at home hospital.

And the fact is that the absence of the Diana Spencer’s eldest son in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle at the end of February and it was that same night when it was confirmed that the future queen consort of England was cancer patientwhich was a hard blow for the father of her children and the rest of the monarchy, since some time later was when the chemotherapy treatment.

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It is worth mentioning that in addition to his real commitments, also being the representative of his father, Charles III who is also cancer patienthas decided to adjust his duties and strict schedule to dedicate even more time to his family after Kate first entered the London Clinic in January.

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