Hispanic man in Texas beat his girlfriend to death and hid the body in a closet – La Opinion

Hispanic man in Texas beat his girlfriend to death and hid the body in a closet – La Opinion

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Authorities reported that A Hispanic man from Texas was arrested and charged with murder for beating his girlfriend to death and hiding her body wrapped in sheets in a closet in his home.

Omar Lucio, 34, was arrested April 15 and charged with the murder of Corinna Johnson, 27, according to court documents obtained by FOX 4 in Dallas.

The Garland Police Department informed the Dallas Police Department that it received a 911 call from a person reporting that a woman had been beaten to death and was inside an apartment on W. Wheatland Road.

When officers arrived at the apartment, Lucio was inside and refused to come out. After about an hour, he complied and was arrested.

Responding officers then entered the apartment and followed a trail of blood that allegedly led from the front door to the bathroom and then to a bedroom closet, according to court documents obtained by the station.

Inside the closet, police found Johnson’s body wrapped in Lucio’s bedding.

Further investigation led police to Lucio’s vehicle in the parking lot, where bloody clothing was found inside.

The woman who reported the murder to 911 told investigators she went to Lucio’s apartment after he called her asking for help.

Lucio and Johnson were drinking at a bar when they were allegedly kicked out of the place because of a woman. This caused The man attacked and violently beat his girlfriend when they were in the vehicle.

Detectives noticed that Lucio’s hands appeared injured and he had blood under his nails and on his left shoe, according to the affidavit.

The person who reported it told investigators that he saw Johnson’s body on the bathroom floor with her face bruised and bloody, making her appear to be dead. It wasn’t until the next day that the woman called and reported the body to the police.

Police said Lucio did not tell investigators how Johnson ended up in the closet, wrapped in his bedding.

Johnson and Lucio were together for six yearsaccording to the woman’s family, who claimed that they saw her on several occasions with black eyes or bruises.

Lucio remains in custody in the Dallas County Jail on charges of murder, as well as street racing and being involved in a collision that caused bodily injury.

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