Texas launches jobs for Latinos who speak Spanish with a salary of $700 a week

Texas launches jobs for Latinos who speak Spanish with a salary of $700 a week

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Those who are looking for a remote work in Texas and speak both Spanish and English, you will find an incredible opportunity to develop a successful career, have great health benefits, and earn up to 800 dollars a week (about 13,000 Mexican pesos.) The above is due to the most recent employment vacancy offered by ReveLution LLC; which is looking for a medical office receptionist who is prepared to perform administrative tasks from the comfort of your home.

To apply for this position, simply visit the site SimplyHired and start filling out the form with your account; but also, it is essential that you live within the states of Texas, Arizona either Snowfall. Now, to earn up to $800 a week, or $17.5 an hour, you will need to perform duties similar to those of a medical receptionist. Since the candidate will be a direct link between patients, doctors and insurance providers, it is essential that they meet minimum requirements to be considered a good option to fill the position:

Requirements to earn up to $800 a week in this Texas job

  • Be bilingual (Spanish/English)
  • Desirable (but not essential) experience in work administration within a medical office
  • Organizational skills for data, places, dates, etc.
  • pleasant voice
  • Familiarity with routine office tasks, including answering the phone while at the computer.
  • oral and written comunications habilities

Functions you will perform as a bilingual medical receptionist

In this remote work You will have great benefits: a flexible schedule, health insurance, savings account, paid time off or vacation, medical insurance to take care of your vision, etc. On the other hand, you will work from Monday to Friday within an eight-hour shift. In general, you are expected to have availability in the mornings due to the schedules managed by ReveLution LLC’s direct partners; and of course, among your promotional functions for this job in Texasyou’ll find:

  • Handle, triage and direct calls as they are received.
  • Scheduling patient appointments
  • Register patients visiting for the first time. That is, obtain demographic and health insurance information.
  • Request referrals as needed from insurance companies and/or primary care offices.
  • Process requests for additional information from suppliers.
  • Review provider schedules, verify validity of health insurance submitted, and request authorizations as necessary.
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