Hopecore: being positive is the new trend on TikTok

Hopecore: being positive is the new trend on TikTok

The speed of everyday life sometimes prevents you from enjoying small moments that may never happen again, but a new trend in TikTok promotes appreciation for situations that are sometimes allowed to pass and the positive thinking among the community.

Its about hopecorea new trend among the Chinese platform community that is made up of English words hope what does it mean hope and core which is center or nucleus.

And although at the beginning the word core was included in the videos with images of environmental, social, and political problems that made a social criticism to the audiovisual content superficial on the platform, it has now evolved into a positive trend.

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In the videos that are shared as part of the trend hopecore Moments are spread with which “faith in humanity is recovered,” according to some users of the platform.

The trend includes situations funny either emotional in which both people and animals are protagonists.

In addition, the background songs are calm and the images or videos have phrases like “life is beautiful” or “Appreciate life.”

Some comments supporting the videos support the content, saying that it taught them that “there are still beautiful people in the world” and even that it “saved their lives.”

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