Horacio Pancheri and Isa Valero got married in the patio of their house – El Diario NY

Horacio Pancheri and Isa Valero got married in the patio of their house – El Diario NY

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Last year Horacio Pancheri got engaged to Isa Valero. Now, this April 17, the civil wedding took place and it is expected that in the coming months they will get married in the church.

The magazine ‘Caras’ had the exclusive coverage of the ceremony, as they were also in charge of sharing details of the engagement. It must be remembered that Pancheri proposed to Valero in August 2023 in Cancun.

Returning to the recent ceremony, it must be said that The couple chose to celebrate the civil wedding in a very private way.. They even decided to have the ceremony and celebration in the patio of their large house in Mexico City.

The guests at the wedding They were people very close to them and their families.. Everyone posed in the green areas of the house with an impressive landscape in the background.

According to ‘Caras’, the guests began to arrive at 4:00 pm and were officially married at 5:00 pm before a civil registry judge in Mexico City.

Then the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed a banquet by Kiu Quintana Cateringwho is a friend of the Argentine actor and presenter. The magazine reported that they offered “caprese salad with pesto, fish ceviche with mango and passion fruit, spicy tuna toast with guacamole, fillet medallion in port sauce accompanied by rosemary cambray potatoes, sea bass in butter sauce accompanied by mashed “truffled potato and lemon shrimp accompanied by 4-cheese risotto.”

In the patio several tables decorated with flowers and white tablecloths. Although everything can be summed up as “simple”, the truth is that it was also quite elegant.

Now We have to wait when the ecclesiastical wedding will take placesince it is expected that the celebration will be much larger and that other stars of the guild will be invited.

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