Hotel employee accuses Sergio Andrade of doing WITCHCRAFT and demonic rituals

Hotel employee accuses Sergio Andrade of doing WITCHCRAFT and demonic rituals


One more time, Sergio Andrade It is a topic of conversation because he remains hidden so as not to face the law once again for the crimes committed over many years to many women, including Gloria Trevi. RRecently, it was revealed that he left Spain to hide in a town in Mexico. A cleaning employee at the hotel where he stays claims that the former music producer practices witchcraft and performs demonic rituals.

Let us remember that a few months ago, Gloria Trevi rHe opened his case in the courts of the state of California in which he seeks justice so that his former pageant returns to prison and pays for all the damages he inflicted on her when she was a minor and her career was just taking off. The Mexican singer and Sergio Andrade They served their sentences of four and seven years respectively, after being accused by various women of corruption of minors, sexual abuse and child exploitation.

After getting out of jail, the ‘Pelo Suelto’ singer resumed her career with a lot of effort to clean up her image and for the public to accept her again. For his part, the former producer has kept a low profile, left the music industry and has remained in different locations, changing from one to another every time his identity is discovered and even more so now that his case was reopened in the United States, where the law is more authoritarian.


Where does Sergio Andrade live in 2024?

For a time he was in Spain, however, after his location became public, he had to look for another hiding place. Now ‘Gossip No Like’ she discovered that he would be living in Mexico, in a small magical town called Huasca de Ocampo, located in the state of Hidalgo. A woman claims that she has been living in a hotel for some time. She was in charge of cleaning her room, where she confesses that she has seen “strange” things like Practices of witchcraft and dark rituals.

“I have seen strange things in his room. Black candles. In a glass of water a candle with hair. […] He is a very dirty person. She’s scary. Seeing him made me very scared. She smelled like things witchcraft“, said.

The cleaning woman told the entertainment program that she decided not to work for the hotel anymore, since she was afraid of working with Sergio Andrade due to its neglected appearance. Furthermore, he added that he was prohibited from entering her room with a cell phone.

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