How can having an American VISA help you to legally enter Canada if you are Mexican?

How can having an American VISA help you to legally enter Canada if you are Mexican?

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In recent days the government of Canada determined that Mexican citizens who wish to visit the country temporarily and those who, as part of their travel route, must land in Canadian territory must present a visa. This requirement had been eliminated in 2016 when the governments of Mexico and Canada established an agreement in which this document would not be required for temporary travel.

However, this measure was cancelled. Previously, Mexican citizens only required a Temporary Travel Authorization or eTA to access the country. Now, if they want to visit the country for tourism or air travel reasons, Mexican citizens must present their canadian visa. The Mexicans for whom the validity of the eTA still applies are those who were within the country when this measure came into force.

The processing time of the canadian visa is much shorter in relation to the waiting time to obtain the American visa, If you want to make a temporary trip to Canada It is advisable that you process this accreditation because it will only take you an average of 40 days to obtain it. In case your trip to Canada Whether it is for urgent reasons, you need to clarify it when making your request.

Why does the American visa help you travel to Canada?

In case you need to travel to Canada or you simply want to do it for pleasure, you can do it immediately if you have a American visa valid, it is enough that you present even your American visa tourist If you have this document, you do not need to apply for a Canadian visa additionally. If this is your case, you must process the eTA to present it together with your American visa.

The cost of the eTA is 7 Canadian dollars and can be processed quickly online. In case you have a American visabut it is expired then you will have to request your canadian visa. In case you have processed a canadian visa In a period of 10 years to date, you will not need to process it again, in the same way you will be able to access the country with a Temporary Travel Permit.

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