How do I know if I am eligible for permanent residence or Green Card this 2024?

How do I know if I am eligible for permanent residence or Green Card this 2024?

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The possibility of obtaining the permanent residence of USAis a recurring dream for many citizens originally from Latin America. And in general, the nation grants the Green Card in a large number of cases. Of course: to obtain it, you have to present the request very well; always with true data and correct times. For this reason, today we bring you the most common (and relatively simple) modalities to move to the US. Remember that the eligibility requirements will depend on the category that best suits your case.

What are the most common categories to obtain the United States Green Card?

In general, most candidates must verify sponsorship from other people, or from a company. For the same reason, according to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) At least you must fill out two forms: the immigrant petition and the application for Green Card (Form I-485.) Once this step is resolved, the next thing is to stick to the OTHER form that fits your profile:

  • Form I-130: Petition for Alien Relative

In this category, an American can invite to apply to the permanent residence to a spouse, to an unmarried child under 21 years of age, or to a parent. In any case, the applicant needs to demonstrate the relationship he has with the eligible family member or close friend who wishes to immigrate. For more information about documents and trifles in this category, you can directly review the link to form.

  • Form I-140: Immigrant Petition for Foreign Worker

Are you thinking of moving to USA through a company? If this is the case, it is possible to file a petition I-140 pfor immigration based on the support of your employer. The I-140 will help you become a permanent resident of the US, but the potential work for this step requires a high level of skill and knowledge. In other words: the employer must demonstrate that your capabilities are unique to fill his vacancy.

  • Form I-730: Petition for Refugee/Asylee Relative

If someone enters the USA with refugee status, it is possible to benefit your loved ones with the Green Card by presenting the Form I-730. This allows major refugees to advocate for their family members to enter the country with them. Of course: to present Form I-730, the main asylee must initiate the procedures. It is essential to clarify that only those who obtained asylum for themselves can invite others to be “derivative refugees.”

  • Form I-129F: Petition for Foreign Fiancé(e)

This form is very common: if the candidate for the permanent residence is engaged to marry a citizen or legal permanent resident; she will have to fill it out as the first step to obtain her Green Card. It is important to emphasize that the “Engaged Modality” grants a period of 90 days to prepare the civil wedding that will formalize the marriage. If for some reason this section is not met, the candidate risks deportation.

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