How does Denisse Guerrero, Belanova’s vocalist, look after her return to the stage?

How does Denisse Guerrero, Belanova’s vocalist, look after her return to the stage?


It was in August of the previous year that Denise Guerrero decided to come into the public eye once again after being away from the stage and public life for five years. She surprised everyone by reopening her social media accounts and even more so when she revealed that she would have some news to make, which translated as her official return to music. This weekend she appeared at an important event in Mexico City and amazed with how beautiful she looks at 43 years old.

After his reappearance, Denise Guerrero He has not stopped giving something to talk about and every time he goes on stage he surprises with the vitality and energy with which he sings. It was in November 2023 when she returned to sing ‘Rosa Pastel’ during a Carla Morrison concert, in which she was invited to accompany her at the National Auditorium, where she heard again, chanting her fans once again the idyllic her song Later, she announced that she would perform alongside Belanova in different festivals such as Bésame Mucho and Vive Latino.

This past weekend, the Mexican music festival took place in CDMX Live Latino 2024, in which thousands of fans gathered to see and listen to their favorite singers and bands, among which was Belanova. On the stage, Denise Guerrero, Together with his companions, Edgar Guerrero and Ricardo Arreola, they lit up the audience, which was already waiting for them, with their most famous songs.


Belanova at Vive Latino 2024

Belanova was presented at the Live Latino 2024 and not only her concert was everyone’s favorite, but also the outfit that vocalist Denisse Guerrero wore, which reflected the style that has always characterized her. She went on stage wearing a “pastel pink” dress designed by the Mexican brand VANEBÓN, who were inspired by her iconic song and the verse “I wanted to be that woman, the mother of your children” to make it. She combined it with heels and gloves of the same tone, a crystal tiara, lots of ribbons and a pair of red roses tied around her waist.


Her companions, Edgar and Ricardo, as always, let her be the protagonist and monopolize all the spotlights. They also stayed true to her style and wore a pair of dark suits along with dark glasses. In short, they knew perfectly how to make a triumphant return and have everyone talking about them.

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