How many years until the end of the world?  Mhoni Vidente reveals the truth

How many years until the end of the world? Mhoni Vidente reveals the truth

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Mhoni Vidente He has become a reference for prophecies in the country and his indisputable gift has been a fundamental part of helping him anticipate events several months or even years before they happen. In recent days he made a revelation that surprised everyone and that is that he assures that the end of the world is yet to come. In an interview with El Heraldo de México he confessed how many years until the apocalypse and the exact date it will begin.

On past occasions, Mhoni Vidente has gone viral for the controversial predictions it constantly makes, as was the case with the illness of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, since she was the one who revealed her stomach cancer more than a month before it was done. officially public. Just like this, we find that she has been right many times more, which is why she has earned the love and support of the public, who trust her words religiously.

Her own social media accounts are where her millions of fans consult her, however, another way to do so is through the profiles of El Heraldo de México, where she has a section in which she predicts the future of the country and the world. on political, social, cultural issues and also matters of public interest in general. In recent days the topic she touched on was World’s End and revealed that it is closer than everyone thinks.


When will the end of the world and humanity be?

Mhoni Vidente revealed that the exact date of end of the world It will be May 13, 2031, so there are only 7 years left for this to happen. Furthermore, he explained that this year will begin a global catastrophe, wars between one another, that will last almost 30 years until ending in the definitive extinction of human life as we know it today. “Society is going to collapse on May 13, 2031. It is going to be a long war,” he said.

“From the year 2031, all of humanity completely collapses in every sense until the year 2060, those 29 years will be a total process of changes in humanity, in society, in the ending of towns, beginnings of new countries,” he added. the Mexican psychic for El Heraldo de México.

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