How much do I have to earn in the United States to obtain American citizenship?

How much do I have to earn in the United States to obtain American citizenship?

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After several years of living in the USAthousands of people resort to the request of the citizenship to access the different privileges that those born naturally in this territorybut many have begun to wonder if they should have a minimum salary so that they can have access when processing or application be approved and then we will tell you what the Government of this North American country.

It is important to mention that the naturalization it’s a privilege to certain people who seek a sense of belonging to be recognized as a American citizen more, with the same rights, opportunities and obligations, but for this, you must comply with certain requirements, Well, in addition to them, you must satisfactorily pass the civic knowledge evaluations and also your level of English; This is what it asks of you:

  • Prove that you are a legal permanent resident of USA (have a “Green Card” or green card) for at least five years.
  • Be married to a US citizen.
  • Serve or have served in the Armed Forces of USA.
  • Being the son/daughter of a American citizen.

How much should my job salary be for United States citizenship?

What is a fact is that in recent years there are those who have begun to wonder how much their salary should be or if it is essential to be able to access the job. US citizenship and this is what we have to tell you about it and what the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Well, many of the applicants They are alarmed by the fact that they do not even have a job.

It is important to mention that in order to access this privilege The only thing that is asked is to have a good moral record, and not to have criminal record, Well, although it is requested to have the Green Card and this offers the job opportunity As long as you have it, you are not required to have a minimum or maximum salary from the United States Government in order to access the process of the Citizenship of the American Union.

According to experts, the Green Card prior will give them the Job Opportunity and to make a good file for the moment in which the immigration authorities can, in addition to the fact that this will allow them to have a better life quality once you have the citizenship or naturalizationFor you to take on account.


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