How much does Sabrina Sabrok earn?  This is what the Argentine model is dedicated to in 2024

How much does Sabrina Sabrok earn? This is what the Argentine model is dedicated to in 2024


One of the most controversial personalities in show business is Sabrina SabrokWell, even though he no longer lives in Mexico, his career in the country continues to be remembered among the public, who today follow his life and career from social networks. Throughout her life she has managed to achieve fame and professional success that has led her to acquire a great fortune. To what is dedicated? Here we tell you which projects it is involved in in 2024.

Sabrina Sabrok eHe is a multifaceted person who has developed his professional career in multiple artistic areas ranging from dance, music, modeling and even acting. During a recent interview, she revealed that after graduating as a teacher, her first jobs were teaching in high schools in her native Argentina, and then she ventured into music and acting as part of a metal genre group.

“I was about 20 years old and I was a music teacher, I taught high school. “She didn’t dedicate me to modeling,” she said on a recent visit to Mexico.

It was during a concert with his band in Mexico that he fell in love with the country and moved permanently. Soon after, Lorena Fabiana Colotta – birth name of Sabrina– managed to sign a contract with a television station and begin appearing on programs as a model, actress and host. She became famous over more than 20 years in the country that saw her grow as an artist and then move to the United States, where she has resided for some years.


What is Sabrina Sabrok doing and where does she live in 2024?

For almost 5 years, Sabrina Sabrok She decided once again to embark on a definitive journey to move and rebuild her life in the United States, where she now has her permanent residence and has made her new home with her husband Alejandro Fernández, who is a musician like her. Even though she left Mexico, she continues to return to record projects to which she is invited, such as her recent visit last month.


Currently, he continues to visit different countries to make live singing performances, although also, with the rise of digital platforms with explicit content, Sabrina Sabrok has joined this wave of personalities who have their own monthly subscription profile for which they charge only $5.99 per month. Although his fortune also comes from videos for which he charges an amount of between 50 thousand and 80 thousand Mexican pesos.

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