How much money did Chicharito earn in his career? Know the millionaire salaries that Javier Hernández has had

Chicharito scored nine goals with the Real Madrid shirt.

Chicharito scored nine goals with the Real Madrid shirt.

Photo: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty Images

Javier Hernández was, at times, the face of Mexican soccer in recent years. The attacker trained in Chivas de Guadalajara took the banner of great players like Hugo Sanchez and Rafa Marquez. Chicharito today plays in the MLS and throughout his career he has been characterized by having one of the highest salaries for a player from Mexico.

Chicharito is one of the most important players in the Los Angeles Galaxy. The Mexican has the great distinction of “franchise player”, rule that allows you to collect a salary above the salary cap. The United States teams have a limited quota for these players and Javier Hernández occupies one of those places.

The Aztec attacker played in large teams in Europe. Javier Hernández defended the shirts of truly millionaire clubs that his pulse did not tremble to pay large amounts of money. Chicharito played in powerful clubs like the Manchester United, Real Madrid and, in another step, Sevilla and Bayer Leverkusen.

Interestingly, even though he is not at the peak of his career, Javier Hernández is receiving his second highest salary of his entire internship in football. Without a doubt, this is one more example of the economic power of the MLS, the main weapon to convince great soccer players from all over the world.

The five best salaries in Chicharito’s career

5- Manchester United (2014) $4.9 million dollars per year.

4- Real Madrid (2015) $4.9 million dollars per year.

3- Bayer Leverkusen (2017) $5.8 million dollars per year.

2- Los Angeles Galaxy (2020) $6 million dollars annually.

1- West Ham United (2018) $9.7 million dollars annually.

With information from Soccer Total MX.

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