How much time should I allow to travel to the United States again using a tourist visa?

How much time should I allow to travel to the United States again using a tourist visa?

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travel to USA It is the dream of many people who long to live, even temporarily, the American dream. For this, it is essential to have a tourist visa that allows them to have access to the United States, although for many people the visa process is cumbersome. It is necessary to have this accreditation to travel to the country of the stars and stripes.

To carry out the process of American visa As a tourist, it is necessary to fill out Form DS-160, the cost of the procedure will also be covered, which is currently $185. Afterwards, the authorities will request that the interested party choose a date that is convenient for them to schedule their appointment for an interview with the consular agent. Generally, this point is critical for many applicants since, in Mexico, the appointment can take even more than a year.

After time passes and the long-awaited date arrives, nerves take over the applicants because the interview with the immigration agent is the decisive step to know if the procedure will be granted or not. In the interview, the agent will be in charge of corroborating the information provided by the interested party when filling out the DS-160 form. To do this, he will ask a series of questions. At the end of the interview, the interested party will know if he will be able to make the long-awaited trip or not. .

I have already traveled to the United States, how long can I re-enter the country?

The tourist visa It is a document that accredits the beneficiary to be able to remain within USA legally for a period of 6 months, if you have plans to make an extended trip that could cover the period of validity of your visa, it is necessary that when you return to your country of origin you wait a considerable time to request entry to the country again. . The length of your stay will determine the considerable period to be able to return to US territory.

On the contrary, if your trip lasted 90 days or even less you will have the possibility of re-entering the country at the time of your choosing, you can even leave and re-enter if the customs officers allow it. If your trip exceeds 180 days in duration, but was less than a year, the authorities may impose a restriction of up to 3 years without being able to enter the country due to a violation of the duration of validity. of the American visa.

Now you know that the time in which you can re-enter US territory will largely depend on the length of your stay within the country. Try at all times to be aware of the issuance and expiration dates of your accreditations, this will help you avoid fines or restrictive measures that prevent you from entering the country, remember that for the government of USA It is extremely important to respect and abide by the rules.

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