How the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 are going today, just hours before the 10th elimination – El Diario NY

How the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 are going today, just hours before the 10th elimination – El Diario NY

Today in The House of the Famous 4 We will have the tenth elimination gala and fans are about to see La Bronca or Cristina Porta leave the reality show. But, According to the votes, who is most likely to be left without the $200,000 today? That is the question we are going to try to answer today, based on the votes and surveys issued so far.

How are the votes going for La Casa de los Famosos 4, today, March 28?

According to surveys, for example, Cristina Porta has a strong chance of returning to La Casa de los Famosos 4 today. If the numbers remain the same as we saw last Friday during the voting, that would mean that the famous radio host would leave the game today, thus fulfilling her wish to return home, as she expressed during the last gala.

But we should not trust this elimination Monday, because the voting trend is changing.

Once Aleska was out of the nomination, fans seemed to have thrown their support behind La Bronca. For example, one of the surveys that has almost 45 thousand votes cast, is giving votes to the presenter that show 22% percent support, and Cristina has only been left with 13% percent, which could mean his exit from reality tonight.

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Does the house change with the departure of La Bronca or with the departure of Cristina Porta?

Within this reality show, Cristina Porta’s personality has prevailed much more than La Bronca. The Spanish journalist has taken on the task of living with everyone in this house and leading conflicts with basically everyone in this game. While the radio host has remained mostly equanimous and there are times when she does not live with anyone. For this reason, many prefer that Cristina stay in the game, but she adds stress and drama to the competition.

La Bronca’s game in this show has been very similar to that of La Divaza, both shine during the positioningbut his lack of involvement in it has generated division of opinion. The difference between the Venezuelan and the Angelina is that the diva has had the massive support of her hometown, who even try to make her participate in everything and create moments in which she can shine with her own light.

The fourth water and La Bronca neglected each other and after the departure of Alfredo Adame, she was left more alone, even though her greatest affinities are always in water, which is why she offered salvation to Aleska Génesis.

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