Is Eiza González single?  This is the reason why she ended up with Mario Casas

Is Eiza González single? This is the reason why she ended up with Mario Casas


Eiza González and Mario Casas They surprised everyone when they were seen together in Italy last September in a romantic plan that revealed the close relationship they have. However, as the months passed, suspicions of a possible breakup began to arise after they were no longer seen together. It was the same Mexican actress who confessed that she is single and even revealed the true reason for her breach With the spanish.

It was September 26, 2023 when Eiza Gonzalez and Mario Casas hThey made their debut as a couple, and not exactly during a red carpet or a prestigious event, but on the streets of Rome, Italy, when they walked together hand in hand, laughing, joking, kissing and hugging. It was more evident that they had a loving relationship when they both began to share photographs on social networks in the same places, but without posing together, since, apparently, they wanted to keep their courtship “secret.”

As the months passed, fans of both concluded that they would have finished their courtship when they stopped following each other on social networks, which alerted everyone, well, they were not expected to last so short. However, none of them would have even confirmed their relationship publicly, much less their relationship. breachsince they avoid giving details of their love life, whenever they are questioned about it.


Why did Mario Casas and Eiza González break up?

Eiza Gonzalez He broke the silence a few weeks ago. It was during an interview for a famous magazine that she decided to talk for the first time about her sentimental situation, revealing that she is “single” and open to love, which means that the rumors of her breach with the ‘3 meters above the sky’ actor are real, despite the fact that they were considered one of the most promising couples in the world of entertainment.

The 34-year-old Mexican actress added that her disappointments in love have been due to the busy schedule of her and her partner, which prevents them from sharing time together. She also added that she is clear about what time of men she wants to relate to romantically. In this instance, she prefers those who have already gone to psychological therapy and are ready to open up to love. This is how she showed that her professional commitments were what prevented her from continuing her courtship with the handsome actor. Mario Casaswith whom he shared a lot of chemistry.

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