How to make a powerful fertilizer for your plants with potassium tea

How to make a powerful fertilizer for your plants with potassium tea

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If you are a lover of floors You should know that appropriate care must be given to keep them with a good quality of life and to continue growing strong and healthywhich will also depend on the season we are in and now that in the Northern Hemisphere it is springwe must be much more cautious so that they do not dry out or wither and lose their life.

That is why it is very important to give plants the necessary amount of sunlight, as well as the shadow and water so that it stays hydrated and moist, in addition to giving it the nutrients necessary through homemade fertilizers and fertilizers.

So if you are a lover of gardening You must know how to correctly apply all these tips and what better than being able to do it from the comfort of our home and with natural ingredients and organic to ensure that they continue to bloom and grow strongly.


Know what the secret ingredient is to make a fertilizer for your plants

All our plants need nutrients so that they absorb everything they need to have a better quality of life through their floor and they can develop properly, so what better than to make an organic fertilizer with kitchen ingredients that we usually have at home.

That is why the ingredient that we will use this time to make a fertilizer will be the banana, which is one of the fruits that is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants such as catechin, carotenes, dopamlna, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals such as potassium and nitrogen.


So on this occasion, we will not occupy the banana peels as is usually done for homemade fertilizers, but we will do it completely liquid in order to make it a powerful fertilizer. So for the ingredients we will only need four banana peels and a liter of water.

You must chop the peels and boil them for 25 minutes and when it is ready, let it rest and dilute it with three liters of water and this way you can start using this mixture to water your plants so that they grow wonderfully during that spring and you will see how they grow. Just try it and tell us if this remedy works for you.


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