How to speed up the American VISA approval process?

How to speed up the American VISA approval process?

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The process of American visa It is usually a fairly lengthy process, from the application to appearing for the consular interview to find out if the visa will be approved. Sometimes it can take more than a year. Therefore, many people who have an urgent need to obtain immigration authorization resort to a alternative to accelerate the process of obtaining the American visa what do you need.

This alternative is totally legal and is processed directly with the immigration authorities of USAthis procedure is called Premium Processing, this procedure is carried out before the Citizenship and Immigration Office of USA and is applicable in some types of migration request. This Procedure considerably shortens the time in which some procedures are carried out, giving attention to cases in an average of 15 calendar days.

The period of 15 days for the resolution is counted from the day the Citizenship and Immigration Office receives the request. It is important to note that within a period of 15 days the immigration authorities may release any of the following responses. ; notice of approval, denial, request for evidence, notice of denial, or fraud investigation, this response does not mean that the process is completely finished, however, the period of time continues to be much shorter than what should be expected conventionally.

Who can request this benefit?

Applicants for visas corresponding to Form I-140 Immigrant Petition for Foreign Worker and Form I-129 Nonimmigrant Worker Petition are eligible for the Premium Processing benefit. It should be noted that this Procedure It is a mere request for speed in the processing of this type of visasdoes not ensure that the applicant will be a creditor of a American visa. To request this Procedure You must fill out form I-907.

Form I-907 can be submitted together with your application for processing American visa or it can also be delivered later as long as the case is open and the Office of Citizenship and Immigration has not made a final decision on the application. The cost of Procedure It is 1685 dollars. If you need to process one of these types of American visa Now you know a totally legal procedure to get it much faster.

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