VIDEO: Raúl de Molina’s bad joke in El Gordo y la Flaca – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Raúl de Molina’s bad joke in El Gordo y la Flaca – El Diario NY

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Raúl de Molina is one of the star hosts of the Univision network. He is without a doubt one of the most beloved faces of “The fat and the skinny” and even when he sometimes tells jokes that no one understands, his personal grace allows those who listen to him to end up laughing because of his friendliness in one way or another.

The joke that the driver shared goes as follows: “What do people who have an electric car and people who have a bad stomach have in common? They both hope to get home.”

Raúl’s reflection is that in the case of the electric car you stay halfway, if your electricity runs out. Lili Estefan, for her part, laughing at the jokes of her friend and partner, more than at the joke itself, added that in the end in both examples the person hopes to get home, and not staying a mile away, of course, for different reasons.

“Carlitos the producer” told Raúl that even though what he said is true, whether due to reflection itself, the joke is bad and that means he had to dance. Lili stressed that yes, in El Gordo y la Flaca, anyone who tells a bad joke must dance.

Is El Gordo y la Flaca over?

The audience of the Univision program has a question that is more frequent on social networks, in recent months, its viewers want to know: “Why don’t you talk about the program that is already going off the air? As followers over the years, many people believe that we deserve the truth and a farewell as it is deserved, don’t you think?

Fans insist that it is indeed a truth or reality that the show has come to an end, and they are just waiting for the hosts of El Gordo y la Flaca to confirm it. QBut where does this rumor come from? Or where did this belief come from? Journalist Mandy Fridmann was the first to point out that this is something that is happening and that it will happen soon. Months later, Clarissa Molina’s response arrived, during her walk on the magenta carpet at Premio Lo Nuestro, her words increased the uncertainty and insecurity of the public around this issue.

Here are Clarissa’s words.

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