How to unclog your bathroom with only 2 homemade ingredients and without plumbers

How to unclog your bathroom with only 2 homemade ingredients and without plumbers

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Uncover the bathroom It is possibly one of the most tedious and difficult tasks when it comes to doing cleaning In the home. And depending on how old each toilet structure is, the job can even become impossible if the pipes have been doing their thing for too long. Generally, one thinks of the obligatory presence of a plumber to begin to solve the problem; Or, there is also the option of using complex chemicals sold in the supermarket and/or in specialized stores. However, a third alternative lies in an effective Home remedy that today we will teach you how to prepare. You will only need two ingredients that, most likely, you see almost daily in your kitchen.

How to unclog the bathroom with a home remedy?

Before your toilet requires an expensive overhaul by a plumber or you buy a distrustful chemical at the supermarket, there is a Home remedy that practically works miracles in all types of cleaning. By itself, it contains two ingredients that, in addition to getting rid of the main problem, will leave your bathroom like new: baking soda and white vinegar. In combination, both products help to dilute impurities and help to stop even the most unexpected ‘plaques’ of tartar (or something else) from clogging your pipes. bathroom. To begin the uncovering process, pay attention to the following steps:

  • First of all, pour a medium container of baking soda into your toilet bowl. The more water that has accumulated (in case it is already very clogged), the more baking soda you should add.
  • When you see that the baking soda has settled, little by little add two small cups of white vinegar to the mixture. You will see that an effervescent effect will immediately begin to take place. This will help unclog any obstacles in your bathroombut be careful not to overdo it with the vinegar so as not to make a mess with too many bubbles.
  • Once the previous step is completed, close the toilet lid and let the mixture take effect for about 30 minutes.
  • After that time, flush the chain to check if there is no longer any obstruction. If this is very serious, you will have to repeat the operation a couple more times with another cleaningbut usually the first time will be enough for your toilet to function normally.
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