Hummingbird mistakes a young woman’s hair for a flower (Video)

Hummingbird mistakes a young woman’s hair for a flower (Video)

The hummingbirds They are tiny birds that have great energy and vitality, they are usually admired for being a perfect machinery of nature and also for their beauty.

These birds are also associated with good omens when they are seen, since nowadays it is not so common to find them.

The sweet confusion of a hummingbird that apparently made a mistake when looking for nectar in a flower went viral through social networks.

The woman identified as in your account instagramshared the video of the exact moment in which the bird approaches her and begins to bring its beak closer to one of the purple “chongos” that she wore in her hairstyle.

Over and over again, the hummingbird fluttered around the girl’s hair to try to find some food. From what can be seen in the video, the curious moment occurred in what appears to be a Zoo.

“They say that hummingbirds are good omens. Messengers of good beginnings. Here I am receiving all that good energy between a nervous and happy laugh, without being able to believe what was happening. This has and has nothing to do with styling, since the vibration of the colors and what one transmits also communicates this,” shared the young woman.

According to the magazine Biodiversites of the National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity In Mexico there are 57 different species of hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds feed mainly on nectar like insects and spiders that they collect in the same flowers or in the air.

Its tongue is twice as long as its beak. and it is rolled up on the head, associated with muscles that allow it to be extended when they eat.

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