“I am innocent”: After being accused of fraud, Carlo Ancelotti clarifies his situation – La Opinion

“I am innocent”: After being accused of fraud, Carlo Ancelotti clarifies his situation – La Opinion


After the scandal in which he was immersed on Wednesday Carlo Ancelotti when The Madrid prosecutor’s office requested four years and nine months in prison for him Due to a tax omission dating back to 2015, a day later the coach of the Merengue club came forward, expressed his position and clarified that he had already paid the fine.

In an interview for the EFE agency, the DT of the real Madrid He assured that there is no measure against him and explained his version, what he believes happened and that it is causing him problems with the justice system which, from his point of view, is a misunderstanding.

“No measure, It’s an old story which began eight years ago with a 2015 statement because The prosecution thinks I was a resident and I think I was not a resident. I have already paid the finethe money is already in the Prosecutor’s Office and only lawyers are talking to find a solution“, he clarified.

“I am convinced that I I am innocent because I was not a resident in 2015 and they think it was. Let’s see what the judge decides,” concluded the Italian strategist.

What is the prosecution accusing him of?

Hours before Real Madrid’s match against RB Leipzig in the UEFA champions leaguewhere the white club defeated the German 2-1 on aggregate and advanced to the quarterfinals, the prosecutor’s office of the city where the Italian coach lives detonated the bomb of the accusation of fraud and the request for the sentence of almost 5 years of prison for fraud to the Public Treasury of $1.1 million dollars.

As reported by the Public Ministry on Wednesday in a statement, the prosecution accuses the DT of two crimes against the treasury, since although Ancelotti stated that he was a resident in Spain for tax purposes and reflected that his address was in Madrid, he only recorded in in his income tax returns the personal work remuneration received from Real Madrid and omitted the income corresponding to the exploitation of his image rights that he had transferred to other entities.

In its letter, the prosecution emphasizes that “in order to avoid taxation on the income from said image rights”, both those received by Real Madrid and other brands for various events, The technician turned to a “complex” and “confusing” network of trusts and companies filed to channel the collection of image rights.

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