What happened to the HOUSE that Adamari López and Luis Fonsi bought when they were married?

What happened to the HOUSE that Adamari López and Luis Fonsi bought when they were married?


The longest and most enduring relationship of Adamari Lopez has been with the singerand Luis Fonsiwith whom he even reached the altar in 2006 after a long relationship that began after he declared his love for her, because, he claimed, it was his “platonic love.” For many years they maintained one of the best-established relationships in the show and their love was so intense that before they got engaged they would have already bought a home togetherwhere they lived together until they divorced permanently in 2010.

Adamari Lopez and Luis Fonsi sThey met in Mexico when the actress had a brief romance with Mauricio Islas, however, it was not until she was single that the singer began to court her and they began dating and shortly after began a courtship in 2001 when their careers began to take off. It was five years later that they became engaged to be married, which lasted almost four more years. It was almost a decade in which they shared many experiences together.

“Knowing myself in love, I was already willing to put my career aside a little to dedicate myself to being a wife and supporting him in his career,” she said.

During all these years they faced various circumstances such as the severe breast cancer that the actress from ‘Amigas y Rivales’ had, but they knew how to face all these challenges without leaving aside the main goal they had: starting a family together, thus She detailed it herself during a recent interview with Yordi Rosado. Furthermore, she shared that even before they got married they had already bought a house in Miamiwhere they established their residence.


What happened to the house where Luis Fonsi and Adamari López lived?

“La Chaparrita”, as it is also known Adamari López, revealed in said interview that after his marriage “got cold,” Luis Fonsi He asked her for a divorce by phone and was blunt in his decision. After that event she returned to the home that they shared and continued living together for a few weeks until the ‘Despacito’ singer moved out permanently.

“We had already bought a house together before he asked me to marry him,” he said after revealing that it was after five years of dating that they got engaged.

He detailed other topics such as his subsequent relationship, how complicated it was to get pregnant and how much he loves his daughter; However, she did not explain what happened to the home that he bought with Fonsi in Miami.

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