Ingrid Coronado makes fun of Anna Ferro and reveals why she CANNOT keep her apartment

Ingrid Coronado makes fun of Anna Ferro and reveals why she CANNOT keep her apartment


The dispute between Anna Ferro and Ingrid Coronado does not end and on the contrary, it gets worse and worse: on this occasion, the famous ex-Garibaldi mocked the widow of Fernando del Solar and I sent him a very accurate and direct message: that he will not keep his apartment and told him the reason why said property cannot be his and will pass into his hands. We tell you everything that Ingrid said to Anna!

Several years after the separation of Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronadoalmost 2 years after the death of the famous Argentine, the problems continue and continue to cause controversy. Since they divorced, the ex-couple had a dispute that was in the media and everyone followed closely. After Fernando’s death, the fight continued, but now it is with Anna Ferro, who was the famous driver’s partner.

One of the situations that keeps people in constant confrontation Ingrid Coronado and Anna Ferro It is the possession of an apartment in Cuernavaca, which both indicate is theirs, but so far neither has been declared the owner of the property. Recently, Ferro’s lawyer, Mariana Gutiérrez, said that Fernando del Solar donated said house to his last partner while he was alive.

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However, Ingrid Coronado denied these statements and mocked Anna Ferrosince she argues that the apartment belongs to her and her children, who she had with Fernando del Solar. In a media meeting he revealed her position on what was said by Fernando’s widow’s lawyer and told how the process is going to see who gets the property in Cuernavaca.

Ingrid Coronado makes fun of Anna Ferro and warns her that she is NOT going to keep her apartment

In accordance with Ingrid Coronadothe words of the lawyer Anna Ferro They are totally false because said apartment cannot be donated since it was bought by her and her ex-partner, Fernando del Solar; Said property was included in a trust in the name of their two common children, Luciano and Paolo, 16 and 13 years old, respectively. According to the driver, Fernando could not give up or donate said apartment because it did not belong to him.

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“Well, an apartment in a trust cannot be donated, you cannot donate something that is not yours,” he said. Ingrid Coronado to Ventaneando on March 13, words that he spoke between laughter and an expression of surprise; Likewise, she lamented that “it is incredible what some lawyers can do to get money.” Regarding this legal process, he indicated that his lawyers told him that he is “walking”, so he remains optimistic.

Until now, Anna Ferro He has not commented on what he said. Ingrid Coronadobut it is expected that in the coming days there will be a response from you. Meanwhile, the famous woman also said that this whole process has greatly affected her children, so she has tried to keep them away from the scandal, but it has not been possible, because one way or another they have found out.

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