Is Dr Simi retiring?  The iconic character said goodbye on social networks

Is Dr Simi retiring? The iconic character said goodbye on social networks

Dr Simi is recognized in every corner of Mexico, the famous bottarga from Similar Pharmacies has earned so much popularity Over the years, he is now one of the main characters in festivals and concerts in the country.

In the pure style of the Rock stars, the friendly doctor has paraded through the best stages of the world and abroadcharacterized with the best looks like that of Adele or Dua Lipa.

Is Dr Simi retiring?

Dr Simi made more than one of his followers nervous social networks, after publishing a black and white video that alerted some of his fans because it talked about a withdrawal…but of his life rockstar.

After a few seconds of suspense, Dr Simi cHe shared that he will take a break from city life to go to the beach dressed in sandals, shorts and suitcase in hand, Well, he plans to visit some parts of the country to continue taking care of his fans.

“Official statement about my retirement from the rockstar life” reads the Instagram post.

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Several Internet users did not hesitate to express their relief upon learning that it was all a small joke and they said they were happy to know that there will be Dr Simi for a good while.

“Oh, Dr. Simiiii, my blood pressure had already gone down! I almost had a simi-heart attack! You deserve your rest, Dr. But don’t scare us like that again!” were some of the comments he collected. the publication.

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