Is Lucerito Mijares the GIRLFRIEND of Eduardo Capetillo Jr.?  This is how the famous woman REACTED to romance rumors

Is Lucerito Mijares the GIRLFRIEND of Eduardo Capetillo Jr.? This is how the famous woman REACTED to romance rumors


The name of Manuel Mijares y Lucero’s daughter has grabbed all the headlines thanks to her excellent participation in the new Televisa reality show titled ‘Juego de Voces’, in which she is part of a team of children of renowned actors. , among which we find Eduardo Capetillo Jr. with whom in recent days she has been romantically linked. Seeing them so close together, the question everyone is asking is if they are a couple or not, faced with this unknown it was the same Lucerito Mijares who came out to reveal the truth.

‘Juego de Voces’ in a new singing program where it was announced that one team would be made up of renowned singers alias “Los Consagrados” and the other by their respective children called “Los Herederos”. He only trained on April 21, however, he has already given multiple moving moments where children dedicate tender songs to their parents and vice versa. Furthermore, not only that, but rumors of romance between the young people have already begun to circulate.

When viewing each of the chapters, the chemistry and connection they share is undeniable. Lucerito Mijares and Eduardo Capetillo Gaytán who can be seen playing, exchanging jokes in a complicit and very close sense, such actions have been considered more than friendly and that they ensure that they like each other and even that they could maintain a romantic relationship, which has caused a lot of controversy for the age difference, since she is only 19 years old and he turns 30 this year.


Is Lucerito Mijares in a relationship with Eduardo Capetillo Jr.?

After the first chapters of ‘Juego de Voces’, Lucerito Mijares could not avoid being questioned about whether she has an affair with Eduardo Capetillo Jr.who was also invited to participate in the talent show alongside his famous father. The 19-year-old girl categorically denied that she likes her partner, assuring her and that they are a couplesince, between the two, there is only a healthy friendly relationship that he would like to preserve for “many years.”

“We get along super well. We are very friends. I love him very much. I respect him a lot. And the truth is that I don’t want this gossip to be made because it is of no use. “I love him and I hope this friendship continues for many years,” he expressed to the press.

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