Is Pedro Pascal the new ‘Reed Richards’ of “Fantastic Four”?  Image would confirm it – 24 Hours

Is Pedro Pascal the new ‘Reed Richards’ of “Fantastic Four”? Image would confirm it – 24 Hours

For months it has been rumored that the actor Peter Pascal would play the character of ‘Reed Richards’ of “The Fantastic Four” within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This rumor increased this Thursday, February 8 and an image would confirm it.

Within the future of Marvel Studios is the reintroduction of the famous “Fantastic Four”, so casting began several months ago to find the actors who would play ‘Reed Richards’ (Mr. Elastic/Fantastic), ‘Sue Storm’ (Invisible Woman), ‘Johnny Storm’ (Human Torch) and ‘Ben Grimm’ (The Thing).

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Although several names of different actors, insiders and content creators who theorize about the UCM were heard on social networks, they highlighted that Pedro Pascal would be the new ‘Reed Richards, a rumor that grew for weeks and may possibly become official.

The above is because according to the director of the film, Matt Shakman, he shared a story on his Instagram in which he confirmed that the Chilean actor – a naturalized American – would be the one to play ‘Mr. Fantastic’.

In the image, Matt Shakman takes up a publication from the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), who interviewed the actor, and in which they specify that Pedro Pascal would begin “production of Fantastic Four with Marvel Studios.”

However, it seems that the SAG has modified this information, since it no longer appears in the interview they published on their website.

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On the other hand, director Matt Shakman’s Instagram account was deleted after his story.

This gave rise to speculation on social networks that Pedro Pascal was possibly the new ‘Reed Richards’ and that the director, as well as the union, had anticipated the announcement.

And you, do you think Pedro Pascal is the new ‘Mr. Fantastic?


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