Is the end of Dr. Polo’s career approaching?  Expanelista reveals the best kept SECRET of Caso Cerrado

Is the end of Dr. Polo’s career approaching? Expanelista reveals the best kept SECRET of Caso Cerrado



It’s been five years since one of the most successful shows on TV went off the air. Telemundowell in 2019 The Spanish-speaking network no longer continued with the program led by the Doctor Polobut through the social networks, fans have been more than hopeful about the possible return, but this has not been confirmed, but now the judge career and even veracity of program are called into question after the statements of a expannelist that has brought to light the greatest secret of the show.

It is worth mentioning that despite the end of the judge of Cuban origin, through the social networks continues to increase the popularity of the show, because in them fragments and even complete episodes of different topics that were discussed in the forum based in Miami Floridabut since the beginning of the program a debate has also begun about its veracity or whether everything was aperformance.

And it is that the same Ana Maria Polo He always spoke openly about the panelists, program dynamics and cases that were touched, since throughout almost 10 seasons some of the big problems to which the Latin community has been exposed, from racism to family and marital problems, which is why it became a banner of justice and truthfulness for the duration of the Talk Show.

But now, through the social networks It has been the video went viral of one women who in the past played the role of one of the panelists of this programand even if you don’t believe it, his statements have burst the platformssince many claim that the show always had a flash of falsehood and this woman would be confirming it and here we tell you what it is about so that you keep it in mind.

What did the woman reveal in Caso Cerrado networks?

been through TikTok where a woman under the user of the @timewithmila username He says in two videos that it is “pure acting” what you see in the programs Case closedWell, he even shared how much they paid each of the panelists and, believe it or not, his experience has already exceeded the 10 million views.

“Doctor Polo doesn’t know what the case is about, she finds out what we say there and gives a verdict,” Mila reveals. “My case was super fun, they asked us a little about each one and with that they put together the story. The truth is, I laughed a lot and enjoyed it,” and she also explained that they pay them from 200 to 400 dollars depending on where they live, since many times they bring us from another state in the nation.


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