Former Formula 1 world champion would be close to returning and being Lewis Hamilton’s replacement – La Opinion

Former Formula 1 world champion would be close to returning and being Lewis Hamilton’s replacement – La Opinion

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Lewis Hamilton decided on his future and for the 2025 Formula 1 season He will head towards the Maranello team, Ferrari’s legendary red team, which means that his seat will be free at Mercedes and is one of the most desired in the entire world of professional motorsports, specifically speaking of Formula 1.

To this day the intrigue and speculation continues about who could occupy his place and much more when the CEO of the German team himself, Toto Wolff recently mentioned some names.

A former world champion in Mercedes’ sights

“I have had conversations with Toto Wolff,” acknowledged the German Sebastian Vettel in dialogue with Sky Sports. The driver, who retired from the top category of professional motorsport in 2022 after his time at Aston Martin, made it clear that he would have no problems returning to competition.

“I retired from Formula 1 not to return, but I also said that you never know. So I think it still stands. Obviously, there are things I miss, mainly the competition. And things I don’t miss. Life is very different if you are not involved and I still enjoy that,” added the former world champion with the Red Bull Racing team.

“You never know where life takes you, so maybe it will take me back behind the wheel.”, maybe not. I have had conversations with Wolff. “We spoke briefly about the whole situation, but I also spoke to others because I still keep in touch from time to time,” Vettel explained, and also stated the following: “I will keep in touch. Don’t know. I guess it will have to be a couple of phone calls. But it sure is one of the best seats on the grid.”

Hamilton gives the go-ahead for Vettel’s arrival

Lewis Hamilton has a very good relationship with Sebastian Vettel and apparently or at least between the lines he gave him his blessing to return to Formula 1 and much more in Mercedes taking his place in the team: “I would love for Seb to return. I think he would be an incredible fit for the team. A German driver, a driver who has won several world championships, someone who has incredible values, who will continue to take this team forward. I would love for him to come back,” explained the British pilot.

George Russell, second driver at Mercedes, commented: “Sebastian is a great person. He is a four-time world champion and his personality is sure to be missed on the gridiron. I think it is important that we have the 20 best drivers in the world all competing to win races and championships. I am very happy and open to having anyone as a teammate, whether it is a world champion or a rookie, that does not change the way I do things. We will welcome anyone,” he stated.

And consequently Vettel also had words about what his future could be once again in Formula 1.: “Mercedes has a great track record, it has had problems in recent years, but then you have problems and you are still second and third in the constructors’ championship, it is not like you are competing in no man’s land.”

Extra-sporting problems at Red Bull Racing

The former world champion also referred to the non-sporting problem that Red Bull Racing is currently experiencing., the team with which he was crowned monarch for four years in a row (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013): “It would be good if there was more transparency so that more opinions could be had. I think it’s always difficult if you read one thing, then another, and then the opposite.”

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