Ivonne Montero worried her fans about the immense size of her lip and she tells the reason – El Diario NY

Ivonne Montero worried her fans about the immense size of her lip and she tells the reason – El Diario NY

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Actress Ivonne Montero He began by saying that he had undergone a hyaluronic acid application on his lips, a common procedure in the entertainment industry to give greater volume and definition to this area of ​​the face. He assured that the swelling was normal after this type of treatment and that he would soon return to his usual appearance.

However, it was all a joke because he clarified that he is unable to access any type of treatment to touch up his face at almost 50 years old, although he made an exception. The Mexican undoubtedly generated concern in many after showing off her upper lip that was too big.

“Look what happened to me, it occurred to me to inject hyaluronic acid and it’s starting to swell… No, lie. No, I didn’t inject anything. I would never inject anything into my beautiful face.; Well, Botox yes, suddenly here (on the forehead) for wrinkles, but I haven’t put anything on for like 2 years,” she expressed in a video uploaded to the camera’s social network.

“I’m very swollen, it makes me very itchy, it stings horribly.”… Antonella (her daughter) tells me that I am a Kardashian. Check this out,” she said. However, she did not want to wait any longer and she went to a specialist to be evaluated and detailed what the doctor mentioned.

“Can you believe it? This is how my day ended last night, the doctor told me that it was not a bite from any insect that was an allergic reaction, some food to ingest. The truth is I’m not allergic to anything, it surprised me a lot, besides to think how dangerous it could be, but with the medication he sent me, everything practically returned to normal. WHAT A SCARE HAHAHA! Thank you for all your messages you sent me. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!,” he wrote in another post uploaded to the same app.

“Friend, you are irresistible. Not even the insects can control you”, “Stop the joke and go to the doctor”, “I would go to the doctor, they give something for itching and deflation”, “Maybe an anti-allergy and a lot of ice”, “He looks like Tweety”, “ I think your wig is falling off”, “And I thought it was a filter, because that’s how they look now”, were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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