Jennifer López is accused on social networks of having caused the death of TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth – El Diario NY

Jennifer López is accused on social networks of having caused the death of TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth – El Diario NY

Jennifer Lopez has become the target of criticism and accusations, for the umpteenth time in recent weeks, because her alleged influence and “weight” caused the death of the tiktoker Kyle Marisa Roth last April 15.

Recognized as one of the most influential influencers in TikTok, Kyle Marisa Rothwho constantly shared her fight against colon cancer, was a prominent content creator who used to mention “gossip” about various personalities in the media such as kardashian, Doja Cat, Taylor Swift, Jay Z, and, mainly, Jennifer Lopez.

Its content always generated great controversy among its followers to the extent that it Jennifer Lopez reacted “aggressively” to its content due to the constant criticism he made of the band’s new album, “This Is Me…Now”, which has been severely criticized among the public and specialists.

Due to the above, the “On The Floor” singer would have “threatened” to take legal action if he continued talking about her.

JLo’s influence on Kyle Marisa Roth’s account

Prior to his death, Kyle Marisa Roth revealed that his account TikTokwhich had more than 700 thousand followers, had been blocked after the same influencer used images from the documentary JLoThe Greatest Love Story Love Never Told”, in one of his videos.

Jennifer Lopez posing.

In the same “protest” video, Kyle Marisa Roth He mentioned that “Lopez’s narcissism alone crushed his small business” because he stopped earning thousands of dollars for the content he carried on his previous account.

A week before losing her life, Roth herself mentioned, in another video, that the cancer treatment she was paying for had become impossible to sustain due to money losses due to a ban on her account. Finally, the influencer sent a direct message to his wife. Ben Affleck saying, “If I die of colon cancer, it’s her fault.”

Jennifer Lopez posing.
Jennifer Lopez released her new album “This Is Me… Now” last February.
Credit: Mezcalo

After the death of Kyle Marisa RothOn April 15, the tiktoker’s mother released a message on LinkedIn revealing the sad news in addition to sending another message where she revealed, between the lines, what happened between her daughter and the Latin artist:

I just want people to live their lives with Kyle’s brilliance and his beautiful soul and spirit.”

Kyle’s mother Marisa

After the announcement of the death of Kyle Marisa Rotha large number of the influencer’s followers launched strong criticism and accusations towards Jennifer Lopez accusing her of being responsible for the death of the tiktoker.

So far, the artist born in The Bronx has not mentioned or revealed information regarding the unfortunate event.

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