Jimena Gállego responds to the alleged irregularities in the salvation of Cristina Porta – El Diario NY

Jimena Gállego responds to the alleged irregularities in the salvation of Cristina Porta – El Diario NY


Many viewers expressed outrage at what they considered alleged manipulation of the results by the production of ‘The House of the Famous‘, arguing that it could not be possible that Cristina Porta had received more votes than ‘La Bronca’, who had stood out for her strong and controversial personality.

Additionally, some fans pointed out that ‘La Bronca”s popularity on social media was much greater than Cristina’s, further fueling suspicions of possible voting fraud. However, and to the surprise of many, the announcer ended up being the tenth contestant eliminated from the aforementioned reality show.

“We were waiting for Cristina to come out. In the votes on all the pages it said very well that Cristina was the next one eliminatedso I don’t know what happened there,” they told the host Jimena Gállego through social networks.

Faced with the wave of criticism, the presenter has always shown a neutral position in which she ensures that all security and transparency protocols in the voting had been followed, and that the results were legitimate. However, this did not calm the spirits of the followers who continued to express their discontent on social networks.

“I always tell them, never trust the surveys because in general, especially at the beginning of the program, they can be right, but then, as the program reaches the final, The polls are less and less credible because it is precisely the voting company that has the real vote. It’s like that. You answer surveys, but you are in Chile and you cannot vote here,” were Jimena’s words.

They also said it about Madison, they said ‘no, I don’t know who in the production is related to Madison’ and pure lies. It’s amazing how lies spread so fastor,” he said.

Before finishing this topic, he took the opportunity to clarify that: “Here the votes are 100% shielded, it is a very serious company, it is a company that is only dedicated to that. But when passions begin, people begin to get clouded and want to see what they want to see and not what is.”

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