Mauricio Pochettino comes out in defense of Conor Gallagher for being a victim of racism accusations – La Opinion

Mauricio Pochettino comes out in defense of Conor Gallagher for being a victim of racism accusations – La Opinion

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Conor Gallagher is currently in the eye of the storm of public opinion due to a controversy recent that he has been experiencing since last weekend in the middle of what was the 2-goal draw between Chelsea and Burnley in a duel that took place at the Stamford Bridge stadium on the most recent date (30) of the Premier English League. A video went viral on social networks with a child before the match, which caused massive rejection among fans and also had an immediate response from Chelsea, as well as from the Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino.

What happened?

Mauricio Pochettino gave a press conference in which it was expected was consulted about the episode that Gallagher experienced in which he has been singled out and judged for having ignored the greeting of a child in the tunnel before the game and the extreme positions that fans around the world have taken, to the point of classifying him as “The King of racism.”

Pochettino decided to speak out and defend his player and commented the following: “That bothered me a lot. Because no one wants to do something like this, with this intention. When you play football and you are there and you concentrate to play and start the game, that can sometimes happen. “People try to find things to create a mess.” Immediately afterwards, the coach continued to defend his player: “Conor is a fantastic child and he always cares about everything. He hates that people feel free to abuse on social media. Abusing people is very easy. So easy. Who believes Conor’s intention was to ignore him? Nobody. Come on”.

Chelsea raised their voices for everything that happened

The commotion on social networks and public opinion reached such a point that the institution had to launch an official statement referring to the event: “Chelsea Football Club is aware of a video circulating on social media of Saturday’s match against Burnley, which has been taken considerably out of context. “The subsequent level of abuse and defamatory comments directed towards Conor Gallagher is completely unacceptable.”

“We are proud to be a diverse and inclusive club where people of all cultures, communities and identities feel welcome,” concluded the letter that was disseminated by local media and also social networks.

According to information from the English newspaper The Sun, Conor Gallagher would be among the footballers that they would seek to be sold by the Blues in the next transfer market; The midfielder’s contract expires in June 2025 and if it is not extended, he could negotiate his arrival at zero cost to any club that has an interest in him since January 1 of the aforementioned year.

Good performance in the current season

24-year-old Gallagher was trained in the club’s youth system With a past in Premier League clubs such as Charlton, Swansea City, West Brom and Crystal Palace, he played 84 games with the Chelsea shirt. So far he has scored seven goals and distributed a total of 8 assists. The midfielder’s performance in the current season is quite good, to the point of having accumulated 4 goals and 7 assists in 39 games played.

Chelsea is in 12th position in the league table of the Premier League with 40 points achieved and so far teams that would be competing in international competitions are outside the zone.

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