Jonathan Majors is sued again by his ex-girlfriend;  He is now accused of defamation and assault – El Diario NY

Jonathan Majors is sued again by his ex-girlfriend; He is now accused of defamation and assault – El Diario NY

Weeks after knowing the sentence of Jonathan Majors for harassment and assault, on April 8, the actor has been accused again, this time on a civil basis, by the same plaintiff: his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

According to the specialized media The Hollywood Reporter, the interpreter of “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania” has been accused by the Englishwoman on charges of defamation, assault, malicious prosecution and for inflicting, internationally, emotional distress.

It should be noted that last December, Majors was found guilty of the lesser charges of reckless assault and harassment against Jabbari. However, and as part of the actor’s defense strategy, his sentencing date, agreed for last February 6, was moved to next April.

Jonathan Majors posing.
Jonathan Majors lost his role as Kang The Conqueror in Marvel.
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Jonathan Majors returns to the “eye of the hurricane”

Within the new demand for JabbariIn addition to mentioning again the charges of abuse and assault, the actress also added new details to the criminal accusation that were not previously revealed.

In September 2022, Majors became angry again and began verbally attacking Grace while chasing her around the house. When he was finally able to corner her on her bed, Majors raised his fist over her as she cowered in fear, shielding her face with her hands. On this occasion, Majors did not physically hit Grace; “He gained control over himself and left the property while Grace locked herself in a bedroom for safety.”


Likewise, and as part of the new accusations, Grace named Jonathan like a controlling man. It is worth mentioning that during the trial, Majors He revealed, on several occasions, his innocence by mentioning that Jabbari He was a person who was going through an “emotional crisis.” Because of this, Grace determined the American’s actions as an act of defamation, for which she has accused him again.

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According to the new lawsuit, Grace Jabbari seeks economic compensation of $75 thousand dollars as well as punitive damages.

It is worth mentioning that this new civil process is characterized by the presentation of a case in which a person presents a claim against another person in a specific and direct manner. Meanwhile, a criminal trial, the first in which the American was found guilty, accuses someone of breaking a law.

Prior to the revelation of the accusation against Majorsthe actor was removed from a large number of projects in which he was involved, mainly as the main villain of the new saga of Marvel: Kang The Conqueror. Later, the interpreter also “lost” other roles such as a biopic of the basketball player Denis Rodmanamong other projects.

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