The guillotine falls on coach Fernando Gago for criticizing the refereeing of Chivas vs América – La Opinion

The guillotine falls on coach Fernando Gago for criticizing the refereeing of Chivas vs América – La Opinion

The statements issued by the Chivas coach came out expensive, the Argentine Fernando Gago against the arbitration last Saturday in the Classic América vs. Chivas, by not marking from their point of view a clear penalty committed by the Uruguayan defender Sebastián Cáceres on the Guadalajara forward Roberto “Piojo” Alvarado when he was financially sanctioned by the Disciplinary Commission of the Mexican Soccer Federation.

The sanction imposed by the penalty court of the Mexican Football FederationHe was based on what is established in article 71 of the sanctions regulations, as a result of his criticism at the end of the match at the Akron stadium, corresponding to date 12 of the Clausura 2024 tournament of the Liga MX that It concluded with a 0-0 draw between Chivas and América.

In the press release that details the sanction that was applied to the South American coach, the following was established: “The Disciplinary Commission informs that it decided to financially sanction the technical director of the Guadalajara Club, Fernando Ruben Gago, since during the press conference “After the match between his club and América, on Matchday 12 of the 2024 Clausura Tournament, he criticized the refereeing, violating the Sanctions Regulations of the Mexican Football Federation, in particular article 71,”

It should be remembered that at the end of the game Gago complained about several calls by whistler Fernando Hernández, especially the apparent penalty on striker Roberto “Piojo” Alvarado

“Very clear penalty, very similar to the one with Mazatlán, equal or worse, very clear penalty. With a terrible fight, because of the penalty and because of what the players told me with uncomfortable comments from the referee, I noticed that they were uncomfortable,” said Gago.

Imago 1485299
Fernando Gago harshly questioned the refereeing of whistler Fernando Hernández and his statements had consequences. Photo: Sebastian Laureano Miranda/Imago7.

Faced with this controversy, last Monday, the Arbitration Commission tried to justify the omission in the foul against Alvarado by publicly explaining that the contact was “accidental”, when it was seen on several television stations that there was an intentional hit by the Americanist.

At the same time, he revealed the audios between the central judge and the VAR staff that established the following: “Cáceres even cowers to avoid contact,” mentioned Fernando Hernández, while the VAR added “it’s a crash, heads collide.” even,” he concluded.

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