José Saturnino Cardozo explained the problems of Liga MX in selling players – La Opinion

José Saturnino Cardozo explained the problems of Liga MX in selling players – La Opinion

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The Mexican team is going through low moments at the present. El Tri’s performance contrasts with the results of Liga MX clubs in international competitions. However, José Saturnina Cardozo believes that the problem may be in the export of players. The Paraguayan explained the reasons why There are few Mexicans in Europe.

Javier Aguirre recently spoke about the importance of Mexican players can go to Europe. Without disregarding any minor opportunity, the “Vasco” believes that this international contact makes the difference.

In this sense, José Saturnino Cardozo was questioned about the reasons why there are few Aztec players in Europe. The Paraguayan footballer considers that The players who stand out and become visible in Liga MX are foreigners.

“How do we get players out? To get players for the national team, all over the world they come from big teams. You cannot take players from teams that are not used to fighting at the top, when suddenly one appears who could be, But what happens in Mexican soccer, that in all the big teams their figures are foreigners?“Cardozo explained in an interview with David Faitelson.

The former Paraguayan soccer player would be aligned with the controversial statements by Gerardo Martino. “Tata” explained that Club América is a champion team, but that contributes very little to the Mexican team. The Argentine referred to a high quota of foreigners in the squads.

The Mexican mentality

Besides, José Saturnino Cardozo believes that scouts turn much faster to countries like Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay because they know the football culture that exists in those nations. The former Liga MX player hinted that In Mexico they do not train in the same way as in South American nations.

“Europeans are not stupid, They buy players who are really going to work, the Brazilians at 16 years old, the Argentina U-23 are sold because they have visors, the same in Paraguay, Uruguay, but they work for that, why not America? There is talent, the player is resistant, has good technique, fast, but You have to get him used to that, but then he trains little.“he added.

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