Kalimba’s lawyer clarifies that the singer does not have a new accusation of sexual abuse – El Diario NY

Kalimba’s lawyer clarifies that the singer does not have a new accusation of sexual abuse – El Diario NY

After this weekend it emerged that Kalimba faces a new complaint of sexual abuse against him, the singer’s lawyer, Elicer García, denied the rumors and clarified the true legal situation his client is going through.

In an interview for the program “Venga la Alegría”, he said that the reason why the interpreter was summoned was for a Advance in the legal process he faces for a complaint of aggravated sexual abuse filed in 2023 by Melissa Galindowho accused the singer-songwriter on social networks of alleged touching and other attacks.

“This is a next stage of the criminal procedure that derived from the complaint filed against Kalimba last year, We categorically deny that there is any new accusation against himthat there is a new process, as we also deny that there is an arrest warrant against him as was reported in some media over the weekend,” García clarified.

In relation to rumors about an arrest warrant issued against Kalimba, the lawyer insisted that this is false information, since even this weekend the singer-songwriter was not detained upon arriving in Mexico after a trip from the United States.

“I can confirm that even on Friday, Kalimba entered national territory from the United States through the Mexico City International Airport and was able to enter. in a normal wayhe arrived at his home and we are duly summoned, yes, for a hearing before a control judge so that he can determine his legal situation; That is, whether or not he even has the elements to initiate criminal proceedings.

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“It is very important to clarify that this second stage is when the prosecution puts the evidence, the file and the statements for the consideration of the judicial authority, and now it will be a judge who will listen to both parties, in order to determine your legal status“he added.

The lawyer reported that the next hearing will take place on April 3, at 10:00 a.m., where the singer will appear to be able to testify in his favor.

Meanwhile, García foresees that the situation will tilt in favor of his client, due to the various changes in the alleged victim’s statements.

“It is also very important to clarify that during this year various evidence was presented to the prosecution and on two occasions the Public Ministry, which was in charge of the investigation file, proposed that there were no elements to prosecute a crime. What is known as non-exercise of criminal action.

“However, derived and I cannot give exactly the reasons, but we believe that it is for ‘clarifications’ and I put it in quotes, that the alleged victim made in her statements that the prosecution decides to put the file in the hands of a judge to “Now determine your legal situation.”

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Elicer García assured that this process “has been a quite exhausting procedure for the singer,” so they see it as feasible for a judge to determine his legal situation once the evidence is uncovered, and that if it does not result in Kalimba’s benefit, will be dealt with appropriately.

“The most feasible scenario is that the judge, after listening to the parties, issues an order not to be involved in the process because there are no elements to even start itI insist there are three statements that were made in person before the authority, by the alleged victim, where on several occasions the narrative, the circumstances change and even the crime for which he is accused changes, and then he returns. to the first, that is, we believe that these statements or these changes were based on the first two proposals of non-exercise and in order to accommodate the crime.

“According to the law, the type of crime for which he is accused does not merit preventive detention during the procedure, in the remote case that the judiciary believes that there are elements to start the process, in the first place, Kalimba would be willing to face it as “He has always done it and he could enjoy his freedom because he is appearing as many times as he has been required, both at the prosecutor’s office and at the next hearing,” the lawyer concluded.

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