A gacha player regrets spending money in vain

A gacha player regrets spending money in vain

video games type gacha as Genshin Impact either Azur Lane They urge players to spend a lot of money on their titles, either due to the large number of “waifus” and “husbandos” present on their roster or because of the possibility that they will receive new ways to be played, but apparently the expense Sometimes it is very counterproductive. And a Twitter/X user He shared a message that not only shows his regret for having spent a lot of money, but also that the characters he acquired, the least popular ones, did not change their position after his expenses.

A player shows his regret for having spent money on gacha games

Shogun Raiden Genshin Impact GachaShogun Raiden Genshin Impact Gacha

From your account Twitter/Xuser @BlackHandMaiden shared a publication which surprised the users of that social network and started an interesting debate, since he mentioned how within anime culture, including gacha games, he spent a large amount of money, which seemed exaggerated. But the reason for his disappointment went beyond the monetary loss, but he commented on having used this money on less popular characters, in search of making them a little better known, something that was in vain.

As his main objective is to spend money so that these lesser-known characters are improved in some way, the social network user commented how in the end he did not see the results bear fruit, and although he did not name any game gacha, his disappointment was total. In addition, the user shared different comments with other players, who gave their point of view on the situation, one of them telling him how this was a fairy tale where spending this money would give them whatever they wanted, as This confirmed that I am only a dream.

Thanks to this publication, many users gave their opinion on the situation, especially those who had their own experiences in the world. gacha, being that the quantity and variety of titles give the possibility of a large number of stories coming to light. Many of the comments expressed how they in turn feel that they have lost their money, to a greater extent due to not knowing how to control their impulses, but that none of them thought about spending money to be able to see a character grow like the original author of the post did.

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On the other hand, this debate also caught the attention of other users, since although the least popular characters in the gacha They did not receive the expected recognition, the only thing this spending of money would do is increase the popularity of the games, only by making the characters that are already popular grow. On a final point, although this post may not have really made any kind of change in gacha video games, what it did show is how many users had similar experiences, something that can be seen in the impact of the same tweet.

The video game genre gacha, for those who don’t know it, is one of the most popular today, which replicates the capsule and toy vending machines in Japan, and with different systems they base a large part of their gameplay on users getting coins inside of the game to acquire various items, including characters. And there are several very large exponents within this, see Genshin Impactwhich is one of the most recognized, or Azur Lanealso very popular, being that following this gacha line, much of the content of the games is represented in the diversity of characters.

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