Karely Ruiz will help put out fires in Veracruz – 24 Horas

Karely Ruiz will help put out fires in Veracruz – 24 Horas

The adult content creator, Karely Ruizwill support the people of Veracruz to quell the fires forestry.

Given the devastating situation that Veracruz residents are experiencing with the fires registered in the region, Only Fans model, Karely Ruiz, announced that most of her profits generated on her blue page would be used to support those affected by the fires.

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It was through her different social networks that the woman from Monterrey published various messages to publicize the situation in the Jarocha region, such as: “I want to help my people from Orizaba, today I will see a way to support them… This is what is happening Babies, many people are not aware but this is the situation (along with a sad face emoji).”

The above will be with the intention of supporting the volunteer rescuers who are working at forced marches to try to extinguish the forest fires that have devastated more than 700 hectares.

As expected, after the praiseworthy action that Karely showed once again, as he has joined other altruistic actions such as donating part of his profits to animal shelters and even helping the victims of Hurricane Otis with food supplies, Internet users , did not hesitate to applaud his actions and there were even other celebrities and followers who joined the cause. He explained that information is being collected to check what is needed.

“A lot of people are subscribing to my page, you know which one, haha, I will use most of my earnings to help my people. They are already making me a list of what I need to go buy everything today! “They will get ahead, you’ll see, and I’ll be happy to help with anything I can help!” Karely mentioned on his social networks.

What other celebrities have joined?

The influencer and former queen of Veracruz, Yeri Mua, for her part, shared a story on IG where she informed her followers that there is a collection center for those who like to support the victims, but she did warn that it is important to take care of where they are. they make the donations.

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Likewise, he emphasized that the Veracruz authorities should cancel the Carnival in the entity so that the money can help the population.

“It makes me angry that those who never do anything there are making themselves stupid, and the people have to help, but why don’t they cancel the carnival and all the millions of pesos, because there are millions, why don’t they grab them to save the people who are They are left without homes after the fire. “Nothing is going to happen if there is no carnival one year.”

And, on the other hand, Vale Queen shared a poster requesting material and equipment to fight fires.


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