Karina Banda publicly admitted a “fear” she has about intimacy – El Diario NY

Karina Banda publicly admitted a “fear” she has about intimacy – El Diario NY

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The hosts of ‘Desiguales’ talked about the importance of intimacy in women’s lives, and how sex toys can be a very useful tool to explore and experiment. The taboos and prejudices that still exist with this topic were also addressed, and a voice was given to those who fully enjoy it. However, Karina Banda’s posture caught attention.

I’m going to confess, they just gave me one last year and I haven’t even taken it out of the box. “I kind of see it from afar, like that, and it kind of scares me,” mentioned Carlos Ponce’s wife.

In addition, tips were shared on how to choose the right sex toy, what to keep in mind when using them, and how to communicate with your partner about this topic. The presenters also remembered the importance of respecting each person’s limits and preferences, and not judging those who decide to explore in this way.

“I feel strange because you grow up with the idea that this is wrong, you see sex toys and you think: ‘this is sexually ill.’ One always relates, or at least I do, sex with love, I have sex or do these things with the person I love. “So why would I grab a gadget,” she added.

It was an open, honest and fun conversation about a topic that remains taboo in many areas. With ‘Desiguales’, women have a safe space to talk about their sexual desires and needs, breaking stereotypes and promoting the freedom to enjoy pleasure in a consensual and respectful way.

Hearing talks about Karina Banda’s position

“I support that this is not necessary if you have a partner”, “Why use that Karina, if you have a husband why use that”, “If you don’t have a need, don’t use it”, “Karina is a decent and principled woman. “Don’t be influenced,” “With the husband she has, she will never need him!” And neither do I”, “There is still a lot of taboo with these topics, especially due to beliefs”, “I don’t particularly like it, but whoever uses it should enjoy it”, “I love it because they talk about everything”, were some of the reactions registered in the post.

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